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Internet Solicitation of a Minor Reduced to Misdemeanor and Expunged

Our client solicited a girl in an Internet chat room who was 14 years old. They meet and engaged in sexual activity on several occasions. He was charged with several felony indictments. His Law Office of Raymond G. Wigell, Ltd. defense team was able to get the charges reduced to misdemeanor battery. Our client was sentenced to supervision and avoided sex offender registration. His criminal record can be expunged after completion of supervision.

The Law Office of Raymond G. Wigell, Ltd. defends against child sexual solicitation and child pornography charges in Illinois and Indiana state courts and in federal courts.

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Communication over the Internet is not safe. That 19-year-old female or male may actually be an underage person. That sexually suggestive chat in a "secure" chat room with Brittany or Brad may actually be with an undercover police officer or FBI agent. Never consider an online conversation private.

The Internet provides great opportunities for law enforcement to entrap people for online solicitation and to arrange face-to-face visits that lead to an arrest. In cases of Internet solicitation and online enticement, law enforcement has all the resources and you've got nothing....until you hire a defense attorney to level the playing field.

If you are under investigation or have been charged with solicitation, get the most experienced attorneys and access the best computer experts you can. Contact the Chicago sex crimes defense team.

With more than 30 years of experience providing powerful defense services to people charged with sex crimes, we know the government's methods. If we can't beat their case, we can weaken it so your negotiating posture is stronger.

Sex crimes and minor solicitation cases that our criminal lawyer has handled include:

Don't Give Up Hope

As defense attorneys, we are nonjudgmental. The only things we care about are you and your rights under the law. We have handled many solicitation cases in Illinois and Indiana , in Cook County , Will County , DuPage County and Kankakee County in Illinois , and Lake County and Porter County in Indiana . We have access to national and international investigative experts and we use them to defend our clients in court.

Free Initial Consultation: Contact an Illinois sex crimes defense attorney at the Law Office of Raymond G. Wigell, Ltd. We defend sexual solicitation of a minor cases in the Northern District of Illinois and the Northern District of Indiana, but have the capability to handle cases nationwide. Put our defense team to work for you.

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